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Campaign FAQ

1. What is the name of our Capital Campaign? Our Capital Campaign theme is “Devoted”. As we approach this historic 200-year birthday we are here because of the devotion of those who have come before us. The same is true for those who will follow us. The impact on generations to come will be based on our devotion to Christ, to His community, and to His causes. It is our prayer that this campaign wouldn’t simply be about money, but it would be a spiritual initiative where we all grow in our devotion to Christ and his church. Our Capital Campaign is focused on “200”. We are calling it “200” because we are celebrating our 200th birthday. As part of this 200th birthday we are focusing on setting goals around the theme of “200”. Our goal is to raise $200,000 more than we ever have before (one million dollars). We are praying for 200 families to engage in the Campaign. We are seeking to engage 200 people in a focused prayer initiative. We are challenging 200 people to take the next step in “The Journey”. Finally, we’re asking every Journey group to engage in local ministry and a global mission, resulting in at least 200 people engaged in ministry and missions.

2. Why are we doing a Capital Campaign now? We are currently on track to pay off our $2.45 million dollar debt on our children’s building over the next 12 years. Each three years we have a capital campaign in order to keep us on track. Without the campaign we would not be able to do this. Our prayer is that through an effective campaign we can pay our obligation off even quicker. We believe that together we can pay it off and create more margin for future ministry for our next chapter. It’s also rewarding to visualize a future were our children and grandchildren will utilize a debt free facility to touch our neighborhood and the nations with the Gospel.

3. How will our Capital Campaign affect our general budget? It will allow us to meet our current staffing, ministry, and mission needs of our church without sacrificing from our ministry. Every dime we take up will go to paying off the debt on our building.

4. What’s different about his Capital Campaign from others ones we’ve done? Our focus during this campaign is on defining the next chapter in the life of our church. We are ultimately seeking to answer the question, “Where is God leading Canaan?” Our success in this capital campaign will not simply be reaching a giving goal, but it will be declaring and advancing God’s vision for our church.

5. What are our goals for the campaign? We have both financial goals and spiritual goals. Our Financial goal is $1,000,000. Specifically, $200,000 more than we’ve done in the past campaigns. Our spiritual goals are: · 200 Families engage in the campaign · 200 People committed to prayer for the process · 200 People committed to their next step on the Journey · 200 People engaged in ministry and missions. We’re asking all our Journey Groups to commit to a local ministry outside the church and to be engaged in some way in world missions.

6. How can I get involved with supporting our Capital Campaign? The best way to get involved in our capital campaign is to attend our entire five Sunday Campaign, join us in focused prayer, attend one of our vision gatherings, and by making a financial commitment on November 5th during our Sunday Morning Worship Service.

7. How do I go about deciding how much to give to our Capital Campaign? We are asking everyone to pray through two questions. 1) What does obedience look like for my family? 2) What are we going to do about it? We are also asking everyone to attend one of five Vision Rally where you will learn more about our Canaan’s next Chapter and how you can be a part.

8. When is our capital Campaign and when will I make my commitment? Our campaign will begin on October 8th and conclude with a Commitment Sunday on November 5th. We will make your commitments on November 5th.

Devoted to Christ – Engaged in Giving

Devoted to His Community – Engaged in Growing

Devoted to His Cause – Engaged in Going

God is honored not in equal gifts but equal sacrifice.