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Letter from the Pastor


Pastor Morgan BaileyOne word captures the storied history of Canaan Baptist Church – Devoted. Those who’ve gone before us demonstrated an unshakable devotion to Christ, His Community, and His Causes. Their faithfulness to God’s Kingdom enabled them to traverse the often-turbulent tides of 200 years of history while writing their own faith story.


The Father is still at work today in the Family of Families. Our Campaign will enable us to mobilize Canaan through our Journey Groups to build bridges of Hope to families in our community. We must answer God’s Call today to rescue those who live in darkness with the glorious life changing Gospel. Remember it’s only Good News if they hear it in time.


The next chapter in Canaan’s storied history will be written boldly when we unite ourselves together in selfless sacrifice. Begin praying now that God will do something only He can get the glory for. Commit to be present for all five services of the Campaign. Prepare to make a three-year sacrificial commitment on November 5th. When we respond, God will  be honored, His Church blessed and His Kingdom advanced.


Pursuing Devotion,


Bro Morgan

Devoted background