Women's Ministry - WMU
(Womens Missionary Union)

This group is affiliated with the national WMU which was founded in 1888 (www.wmu.com) and the Alabama WMU (www.alawoman.com).

It meets monthly and uses the Mosiac magazine as the basis for it's study and prayer for missionaries.  The group uses it's resources and crafts to purchase goats, water filters and many other requested items for use by tribal villages and the missionaries serving there.
This group is the cornerstone for annual fund raising for mission activities.  The result provides scholarships for Canaan missionaries to travel on mission trips throughout the year, and to provide supplies, medicine, and other materials needed at the mission location. 


Meetings:  First Wednesday at 10AM.
Location varies from month to month. 

Leadership:  Melanie Fox is the leader of this group.

If you would like to know more about how you can serve in this vital mission focused effort, contact the church office.