My First Sunday

We want to help make your first time at Canaan to be as easy as possible so this page will cover some frequently asked questions and help point you in the right direction for you! First, we have one worship service at 10:30 with Small Groups that meet prior to that at 9:30.  Our worship service is a little over an hour long, we teach directly from the bible, and sing songs ranging from the hymns to modern worship and everything in between.  During both the Worship and Small Group hours we provide dynamic programming for children from the nursery all the way to 5th grade.  For more in-depth info check out the section below!

Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to help! Didn't find an answer to your question? Email and Pastor Chuck will help answer any questions you have!

  • Where do i go?

    Canaan is 205 years old so it looks like we have two front doors, and thats because we do!  We have accessible parking all around the front doors of our Sanctuary but we also have a large overhang that is in front of our Welcome Center.  The Welcome Center is a central location to our Children's Wing and other classrooms as well as a short walk to the Sanctuary. If you have kids we recommend coming in the Welcome Center, otherwise feel free to come directly to the sanctuary!

  • What is available for my kids?

    Your kids are welcome to sit with you during worship or you can take advantage of our awesome Canaan Kids program!  We have programming all morning for children from nursery all the way to 5th grade.  You can find our Children's Wing at the Welcome Center and we will help you get checked in and help you with whatever needs you may have!

  • Can i visit a Small Group?

    We would love for you to visit a Small Group! In the Welcome Center, we have a list of all the Small Groups we offer and where they meet. One of our hosts can help you find a group to visit.  Our groups meet before our Worship Service so make sure you come at 9:30 so you don't miss out!